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We engineer, manufacture and market JIS Flange and high nickel alloys.

We manufacture & export world-class performance JIS Flange

  • world-class performance JIS Flange

    JIS Flange

  • Type of JIS - Japanese Standards




JIS Flange like JIS Weld Neck Flange, Slip-On Flange, Plate Flange, & Blind Flange produced in our Mumbai factory, carries a promise of quality and consistency. Metal-Tech Engineers continues to meet customers’ needs through global quality standards from original design to distribution. Metal-Tech Engineers manufactures to global standards. We are one of the leading importer, stockholder, suppliers & exporters dealing in JIS Flange since 1990. When procuring raw materials to manufacture JIS Flange, our primary responsibility is to ensure that same quality and consistency exists in our supply base.

Metal Tech is excellently equipped for the production of tailor-made, high-grade flanges. In our forging shop, an advanced, automatically controlled steel bar furnace with a length of over 12 m heats the raw material up to approx. 1,100°C before rings or flanges with an outside diameter of up to 2,800 mm are formed using our face plate bending machine.

JIS Flange Specification

Stainless Steel JIS Flange | Carbon Steel JIS Flange | Nickel Alloys JIS Flange | Monel JIS Flange | Alloy Steel JIS Flange | Mild Steel JIS Flange

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JIS B 2220 steel pipe flange
English name:
Steel pipe flanges Welding

JIS B 2239 cast iron pipe flange
English name:
Cast Iron pipe flanges

JIS B 2240 copper alloy pipe flange
English name:
Copper alloy pipe flanges

JIS B 2241 aluminum alloy pipe flange
English name:
Aluminium alloy pipe flanges

JIS H 4040: A5083BE, A5083BD, A6061BE, A6061BD
ASTM B221 (5083,6061), ASTM B211 (6061): (Reference) and response ASTM material standard

JIS H 4140: A5083FD, A5083FH, A6061FD, A6061FH
-corresponding ASTM material standard ( reference): ASTM B247 (5083,6061)

JIS B 2290 vacuum flange
English name
Vacuum technology-Flange dimensions

JIS B 2291 21MPa hydraulic pipe flange
English name:
21MPa SLIP-on Welding pipe flanges for Hydraulic use

JIS B 8602 for refrigerant pipe flange:
English name:
Pipe flanges for refrigerants

JIS F 7804 Shipbuilding - 5K copper alloy tube flange
English name:
Shipbuilding-5K copper alloy pipe flanges for Marine use

350K hydraulic piping for socket weld flange formula and 280K of F7806 ship JIS F
English name:
Shipbuilding-Ships' 280K and 350K socket Welding pipe flanges

JPI-7S-43-01 oil industrial large-diameter flange
JPI-7S-44-73 oil industrial heat exchanger flange
JPI-7S-74-02 oil industrial aluminum alloy flange

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JIS Flange Packaging

Package details: wooden case, pallet or according to customer's requirement

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JIS Flange exporter, manufacturer & suppliers of in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, West Africa, Russia, Kuwait etc.

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